For almost 10 years now, photography has been my whole world. If you asked my Grandma she would probably say it’s been longer than that… see: 5 year old Rebecca stealing Grandma’s point and shoots (then dropping and breaking them)((oops)).

I am a family person at my core and have been obsessed with animals my whole life. Photography has given me a way to channel my creativity into capturing all my favourite people & things around me.

I live for the feeling I get in the car on the way home from a dreamy sunset session. Crawling through the bushes in the rain. Occasionally laying flat out in dirt for the right shot. A mom texting me that she cried looking through her family’s gallery. Capturing precious moments between a horse and their human.

These images are my whole heart. And I can’t wait to share them with you.

With love, Rebecca.

Me & my favourite people...

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