June 16, 2023

Emily & Jim

Rebecca Drimmie Photography, Equine Photography

Right at the end of May, Emily & I lucked out with the most amazing golden hour for our bi-annual equine session with her lovely Jim! I had just seen Zach Bryan in concert so the country energy was really flowing and I was feeling super creative. I texted Emily the day of to mention that if she had a cowboy hat, I would love if she brought it. As a fellow country fan, she was down to embrace my cowgirl vision. We ended up having the most amazing session and I'm so proud of these photos. This part of my job as a photographer is so, so precious to me. As a forever horse girl, I know how special these moments are and it's such a privilege to get to capture them. And it always feels like the highest compliment when a fellow photographer hires you!

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